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Before Posting a Feature Request READ THIS

anonymous 9 years ago updated by Administrator 4 years ago 0

Below are some guidelines on submitting feature requests to ADAM Software:

We appreciate your feedback and use it to help drive our development. In order to make things easier to review and discuss, we ask a few things:

  1. Please search this forum first for relevant feature requests. If you find something similar, post a comment about how you would benefit from such an addition to ADAM. Posts with more comments have more impact than two posts with less comments.
  2. Please explain your idea as clearly as you can. Simply writing, "Video Support" or something leaves a lot to the imagination. We are driven by clear, implementable features, so the more precise you are, the better. Some questions to help guide your feature request:
    • What would this feature address that ADAM does not currently address?
    • How and why does this make my job easier?
    • Where would it fit into your ADAM workflow?
    • Who would this help? Is this something specific to your business? Or something more general?

From there, we will provide timely feedback and try to give a clear answer about what we will and will not be implementing (as far as we know at the time of course).

Please note that while we cannot respond to every feature request, we do review every one and will post information and updates as we have them. If there is no response under a certain feature request it only means that we have no solid information about it to share at the moment.

Thanks again for all your great feedback. It is what drives us to make ADAM as good as it can be.