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Stop obfuscating ADAM dll's

Nik De Clercq 5 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 13

ADAM has documentation on it's assemblies. I know you make a fair attempt to make that documentation as good as possible. But it will never be complete.

On some occasions you just want to see what the ADAM code is doing so you can imitate it or adapt it. That's why I prefer working with dotPeek or resharper over reading the documentation. Documentation is great for finding high level answers to high level questions. But once you're knee deep, the documentation can no longer help you.

But using dotPeek or resharper is just messy in ADAM because of obfuscation. Try figuring out how you can manipulate the OnPreCatalog so your custom indexer works exactly as the customer wants. Or try figuring out how you can create a custom FacetControl. Or try finding what ControlBuilder to override to create a custom control builder.

If ADAM dll's wouldn't be obfuscated, it would make my life as a developer a lot easier. It would make the lives of my colleagues a lot easier. They would find solutions to every day problems a lot faster, costing your/our customers a less money.


Prefix wildcard searches

Petri Helin 8 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 4

In DMP we have transferred about 30 customers from our old DAM system to our new Adam based solution. In our old software we had capability to search so that wildcard is in the front of query like:


Some of our biggest customers have used this feature to search for EAN codes (which are consist of company part and product part). These codes are not in one particular field but scattered around metadata. So we can’t make rules to split these fields to several metadata fields to facilitate searching of product codes from EAN codes. Customers have used search criteria like *123456 where the end part is the product code.  We have now hard time explaining this to our customers that this is a technology limitation.

I know that MS FTS engine does not support these kinds of searches and this is expensive if you think about performance. In our previous system this was implemented with SQL queries with LIKE ‘%something%’. What I would like to see at least is a special search, which would implement this so that you can combine classification criteria and permissions if general implementation is not possible.


Petri  Helin



search UX

Preview option in Indesign when using PageBuilder plugin

Peter Klören 8 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

As a user, I want to use data from ADAM to generate a kind of preview from within Indesign. For this to work,  a "preview" button should be added  to the PageBuilder tagger menu in Indesign. This button fetches data from ADAM and merges it into a document that is displayed to the user. With this, the user can quickly verify if changes in the template result in correct output formatting.

Would be great if this will be implemented quickly: there is a real need at Philips to use this.


Specific background for images with transparency in preview and thumbnail (png)

Anastasia Fedorovich 5 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 3

Dear ADAM team,

Please add specific background to images with transparency in preview and thumbnail. PNG with white and black colors do not visible on the browse page and current preview player (see attachments). Additional information we can find in request: #8906.

Best regards,


content types maintenance configurability

Ability to assign default classifications

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 3 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 3 years ago 3

As an administrator i would like to be able to configure one or more default classifications to be added to records, much like the "AUTOMATICALLY ENFORCE CLASSIFY IN"-feature in 'File Uploads'.

This behavior would then be invoked when clicking the 'Create Record...'- and 'Create Video...'-link in the Assets Studio. That way it could become 'Create Record for Brand ABC...' or 'Create video for Agency XYZ...'.

classifications upload

Single issue hotfix availability

Diana Fournier 4 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

We would like the ability to request a hotfix for a single issue we reported, without having to take on other fixes (that other clients requested, not us) for our same version of ADAM. We are currently on 5.5.

This is due to the validated nature of our environment where technical releases (hotfixes, patches) can take 3-4 months to apply to our on prem install and be fully tested and validated.


Upload (Video) file - Ignore initial validation during save of generated preview

Bart Theys 4 years ago in Archived updated 4 years ago 3


We have assigned a default classification for file uploads. The classification has one mandatory field registered. When uploading a normal jpg, the thumbnail and preview are generated well (even when the user has not yet entered a value for the mandatory field). But when uploading a video, the preview is generated by a background job and this one fails because of the validation of the mandatory field. Can the initial preview generation be saved with 'validations' disabled please?

Kind Regards,
Bart Theys
upload video

HTML tables formatting in Pagebuilder

Asier Monzon 8 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

It should be a good idea if Pagebuilder could implement html tables formatting options as height and width for cells,rows, and table elements.

Best regards,



Add dropdownbox to select fieldgroup in PageBuilder & DocMaker tagger

Peter Klören 8 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

Fields available in Indesign are filtered based on the fieldgroup pointed to by the setting "PageBuilder_UserFields". If you have many templates, the number of fileds in this fieldgroup can explode and annoy the users who need to scroll a lot.

It would be better if you could select a fieldgroup from the tagger page to change the fields that are shown when linking ADAM fields to Indesign elements.

If you would support having multiple fieldgroups in "PageBuilder_UserFields", you could display this list of groups and it would allow to have different lists per user or usergroup.



Add warnings about used records during catalog build

Stijn Van Roey 7 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

When building a catalog with pagebuilder it would be a great help if Adam could check if all the used records are ok.

It is possible that a maintenance job fails or is not finished yet, so the catalog doesn't contain the expected data.

Since the catalogbuilder knows which records are used, it would be nice if a check could be performed before starting the build, or give some warning in the output.

publishing maintenance