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please rename "TODO" in "To Do"

bto_consultant14 4 years ago in Collaboration updated by marta.rosso 4 years ago 2

we noticed that in Collaboration to do is written without space betweent two words.

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Enable collaboration of collections

Luc Naets 4 years ago in Collaboration updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

It would be a great benefit if you could work together on a collection… So it would become a sharable with it's shared users regarding a project for which assets could be collected and redefined by all of it's users. Say you work on a brochure and the marketing manager is selecting certain assets to use while teh product manager could add product images while the designer then could download 1 colelction with the collaborative effort of it's users.

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Collaboration - make StatusStrategyProvider customizable

Bart Theys 4 years ago in Collaboration updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1


Please refer to support ticket https://support.adamsoftware.net/hc/en-us/requests/9963
The StatusStrategyProvider includes a lot of internal methods (although they are readonly). This prohibits partners to customize the behaviour: e.g.

internal override bool IsApproved(Project project)

Standard Collaboration workflow does not make a differentiation between "request changes" and "reject". A custom StatusStrategyProvider is the (Adam Support) advised method to solve this.

Kind Regards,

Bart Theys

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Collaboration - administratrive overview of proje

Bart Theys 4 years ago in Collaboration updated 4 years ago 3


When using collaboration studio, the search bar allows to search for projects in which your user is involved (even when you are in the administrators users group, you can not get an overview of all projects). The only user that can see all projects in the system is the 'Administrator'.

Is it possible to add a permission to allow certain user(group) to have more administratrive privileges on the on-going projects. This behaviour could be similar to what the permission "Manage all uploaded files" does for the 'File Uploads' screen.

Kind regards,

Bart Theys.

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Teamwork projects and failing assets

Petri Helin 8 years ago in Collaboration updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 3

Adding a problem asset to Teamwork project breaks all Conceptshare links in Teamwork. To replicate:

Create a teamwork project and add one asset to it 

  • Verify that conceptshare links works.
Add a problematic file to working teamwork project (which fails with Conceptshare, try a pdf 1.7 with transparency) .
The ConceptShare link to working asset also vanishes.

Callback set the status for whole project, not individual assets. We need more control on this; lets say that you have 10 assets on project which works and add one more which fails and then you can't access comments on all assets. You can fix the project manually in AssetStudio but I don’t think that very good solution.

kind regards,

Petri Helin


Collaboration: Compare and Teamwork_ExternalViewerPdfResolution setting

Petri Helin 7 years ago in Collaboration updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 2

Currently compare mode in Collaboration uses a bitmap version of asset. This bitmap is created with fixed resolution which generates problems with small text (see attachment). There is a setting Teamwork_ExternalViewerPdfResolution but it doesn't affect compare mode. We have received multiple comments from customers who have evaluated our solution that this is a deal-breaking problem.



Navigation in Collaboration Studio

Hakeem 7 years ago in Collaboration updated 4 years ago 0

Ability to navigate to some of the pop-ups you get when viewing/reviewing assets with a project. Example rather than going into a project then clicking either "View Comments" or "Open in viewer" buttons, the user can navigate to either of the windows from the emails that was sent when the projects was either created or updated.

Although there are settings that enables you to make modifications to the emails sent to users, it will be great to have the ability to configure the emails sent to users to include direct links to either the View CommentsW or "Open in Viewer" screens thus making navigation and usability a-lot more friendly.

UX notification configurability

Allow full text search on users in Collaboration Studio

Peter Klören 6 years ago in Collaboration updated 4 years ago 0

When picking users in collaboration studio, you need to type the from the beginning of the user name. When using AD integration, you need to type the domain name first to start filtering on users. 

I would like to have the option for a free text search on the email, user name and some other user field that might be attached to users.

This works (partly) on the System user search window, where the search finds also matches on the email address.

search UX

Easier working in Collaboration - avoiding stepping back to Assets

anonymous 6 years ago in Collaboration updated 4 years ago 0

Wouldn't it be logical and easy if one would be able to access files immediatly from the collaboration project.

  • Upload directly to Collaboration project
  • Download directly from Collaboration project
  • Upload new version directly from Collaboration project

If you now request a change, you need to search the file in Assets and start working from there ...