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Automatically go to the next task of a workflow upon completion

Joris Wynendaele 5 years ago in Workflow updated 4 years ago 0

In a lot of workflows, something that is considered one task for an end-user needs to be split up in different workflow tasks. This can be confusing, especially if you have a big to-do list.

Ideally, you would be able to combine different workflow tasks into one bigger task in some sort of step-by-step wizard experience. However, I understand that because of the asynchronous and stateless nature of the workflow, this isn't possible.

My request is for the next best thing: when completing a specific task, present a user with a 'please wait' message for x seconds (configurable) and check whether a new task gets assigned to him within the workflow he was working on. If that is the case: show the user the task page for the new task.

workflow UX

Select all processes in bulk edit in Workflow 2.x

Peter Klören 6 years ago in Workflow updated 4 years ago 0

The current "Select all" option in the Processes overview page in workflow only selects the current page.

Please add a button: "Select all from this page" to select all the processes on the current page

Please modify behavior of "Select all" to select all processes within the given filter

maintenance UX workflow

Allow changing due date for running workflow tasks

Maja Pejcic 5 years ago in Workflow updated 4 years ago 0

It would be great to allow due date of a running/assigned workflow task to be changed, sometimes Workflow Manager would have a use of changing due date for some manual tasks that are already assigned, if project priority/urgency changes. This way they can influence and prioritize tasks for processes that are already started instead of always having to rely on predefined duration of the tasks. 

workflow UX

Resume suspended workflow process in Bulk

Amrendra Jha 3 years ago in Workflow updated by petra.tant 3 years ago 1


Currently we don't find any option to resume workflow process which are in suspended state in Bulk.

If somehow large number of process gets cancelled, it becomes a painful task to resume all process by clicking one by one manually.

So it will be very useful if we get options to resume process in bulk.

workflow maintenance

Make fields in the EditTemplate of the "Edit Record"-block sortable

Joris Wynendaele 4 years ago in Workflow updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

As a workflow manager I would like to be able to control the order of the fields displayed in the page when using a template for the "Edit Record"-bloc, so users can fill in the data in a logical order. Right now this is not the case:

configurability UX workflow fields

Multiple file upload in Workflow

Rochelle Adams 6 years ago in Workflow updated 4 years ago 0

Would it be possible to have the multiple file upload as available in ADAM 5.1, integrated in Workflow?



workflow UX upload

Please add "paging" on to do list task page

bto_consultant14 4 years ago in Workflow updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

when user has more than 20 tasks it is not possible to paging to see all the tasks.

we woul like to add paging.

workflow UX

WF studio - usablility of process overview dashboard

Bart Theys 4 years ago in Workflow updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1


As a workflow manager, the processes overview dashboard it too technical and not very usable to manage open or abandonded workflows.

Requested features by our clients include:

- abilitiy to add specific custom workflow parameters as extra columns in the overview (e.g. Asset title is one of the custom parameters we set in certain workflows). Workflows for which the parameter is irrelevant should show empty.

- ability to see a thumbnail of the (main) asset for which the workflow is relevant (e.g. usefull for workflows that are started on an assset, or that start with uploading a new assets).

- ability to see recent searches, similar to the other studios

Kind regards,

Bart Theys

workflow reporting UX search

Workflow: Save filters chosen to narrow process/task list when returning to page from specific process or task

Mary Mcmahon 4 years ago in Workflow updated 4 years ago 0

When viewing the process or task list in the workflow studio, I often set filters such as status for a specific workflow definition. Clicking on a process from the list brings up the process details, when I click the back button, I would like the filters I had set to remain in the workflow list.

Alternately, I'd like to be able to open the process details in a different window, negating the need to click the back button at all.


This functionality primarily affects our system admin team, however, if it was more user friendly, we would encourage users to track the progress of their workflow requests without our involvement.

configurability UX workflow

Workflow clean up of obsolete tasks

Ulrike Krause 4 years ago in Workflow updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

  • There is no support for cleaning up obsolete tasks. If for example, an approval workflow with parallel approvers fails, due to one approver rejecting the approval, there is no way to clean up the now obsolete open parallel.
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